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Search with Atrium

Use keywords to search in all fields. In the Books, journals, CDs and more tab, a drop-down list allows you to limit your search to Everything except articles (default setting), to Theses and dissertations, to Images, to Reference works in libraries and to Official documents.

Some rules about writing your queries

  • write meaningful words;
  • the order of the keywords in the search box has an impact on the order in which the results appear when sort by relevance, but it does not affect the number of results;
  • specify the plural or use truncation "*" at the end of the word (ex. cat*);
  • the default operator is "ET", but you can also use the "OU", the "SAUF" and the English translation "AND", "OR" and "NOT" (operators must be written in uppercase);
  • Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase ("classical music").
  • You can use parentheses to group terms in a query. For example, to search Shakespeare tragedy or sonnet, type the following query: Shakespeare (tragedy OR sonnet).

Configuration Z39.50

Protocol version: ANSI/NISO Z39.50-2003
Port number : 210
Record syntax OPAC, UTF-8
Name of the database: UDM01
Database: ALEPH

Attributes Bib-1 supported

Attributes Description
4 Titles
5 Collections
12 Catalog's record number
21 Subject
63 Notes
1003 Authors
1016 All indexes
1018 Publishers
To configure your Z39.50 client software for research in Atrium, see the following technical information :
  1. For more information on bibliographic software, see the pages Logiciels de gestion bibliographique (only in French).
  2. Download the file to query Atrium : section fichiers de connexion des logiciels de gestion bibliographique (only in French).
  3. If tou have problems connecting to the server, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.

List of default attributes

Attribute Madatory Default value
Use Yes  
Relation No Equal
Position No All
Structure No Word search
Truncation No Right Truncation

Much of Atrium is searchable by this intermediary except :

  • articles;
  • the institutional Repository (Papyrus);
  • the digital collection (Calypso).

Advanced Search

The default operator between search boxes of advanced search is "AND". Use the same writing rules as for simple search within the boxes.

Use limitations to specify your search

Limit your search by publication date, material type, langague or scope.

Browse Search

The Browse search allows you to browse libraries material (local material only) in order to find information of relevance quickly.

You can browse material by author, title, subject, Library of Congress call numbers

In the results, you can click an underlined entry to see its associated records. Clicking a title displays its full record.