Catherine WILSON

The Problem of Materialism in the Nouveaux Essais.

samedi 2 octobre, 9h00-9h30

Résumé de la communication :

In his correspondence with Clarke, Leibniz expressed his disapproval of the decay of natural religion in England. This disapproval really did not stem from his reading of Newton, but from his earlier preoccupation with Locke's Essay. In short, Leibniz read the Essay as an Epicurean text in which the material corpuscle was the fundamental unit in nature and perception and action, along with all other phenomena, were mechanically explained. How far does Leibniz go in the New Essays to concede the "superficial" truth of materialism and what gaps or inconsistencies does he try to pinpoint in Locke's account that allow the inference to  an immaterial level of reality and an regulating God?